Noose by Brennan LaFaro

Noose, written by Brennan LaFaro, narrated by Rain Corbyn and published by DarkLit Press, is the perfect entertainment.  I’m a huge fan of the horror genre, which is why I went for this title. But I also enjoy stories that lead my into other genres and Brennan LaFaro knows how to write a compelling western.

This is a story of the wild west, train robberies, violence and so much more.

In 1872, 8 year old Rory Daggett is made an orphan by Noose Holcomb. Fifteen years later circumstances mean Daggett is able to start working towards the revenge for which he’s been hoping. But this isn’t an easy revenge because Noose has some dark forces helping him to keep hold of his power.

This was delightfully short and punchy (because all the best horror is short and punchy) but wonderfully rich in western detail. Rain Corbyn’s narration was perfect to give the story the authenticity of a real cowboy story, which made the supernatural aspects all the more haunting.

If you’re in the mood for horror that has the suggestion of something else, I heartily recommend this wonderful fusion of horror and western. It will not disappoint.

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