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Question for the Author

Do You Believe in Writer’s Block? This is lovely question because it doesn’t actually ask, “Do you suffer from writer’s block?” It doesn’t even say, “Is there such a thing as writer’s block?” Or, even more importantly, “Where should we put the apostrophe in the phrase writer’s block?” I certainly believe that some writers hit … Continue reading Question for the Author

True Ghost Stories

I was recently chatting with a student who shared the following story about an unsettling encounter that could potentially be paranormal. So, I’m walking down Devonshire Road around 8pm after visiting Lidl. As I pass Farmfoods and head in the direction of Whitegate Drive, I hear shuffling feet behind me. Right behind me. The kind … Continue reading True Ghost Stories

Book Update: Cursed

I’m working on my proofs for Cursed, the third title in my Innsmouth series. I thought today would be appropriate to share this passage from the start of one of the later chapters in the book. There were shadows at the base of the clocktower. At this time on a winter’s evening, with the first … Continue reading Book Update: Cursed

I Want to Kill Again

Last year, in Unearthed, I killed three readers. This year, in Cursed, I want to kill again. Would you like to see your name in print on the pages of Ashley Lister’s next book? Are you ready to be killed off in style as one of Ashley Lister’s unfortunate victims? Ashley Lister is giving one lucky … Continue reading I Want to Kill Again

Cover Reveal: Cursed

This is the title I’ve been working on recently. This is the third book in my series where events take place in the fictional town of Innsmouth. And below, with enormous thanks to graphic designer Colin Davies, I can now share the cover of this forthcoming title.

Question for the Author

What’s the one thing that no one tells you about writing? There are some things that people pretend they don’t talk about with regards to writing, but they do. It’s commonly known that writers make little money. It’s generally understood that we can spend an hour or more trying to decide about the placement of … Continue reading Question for the Author

Work In Progress: some good news

Just before Christmas I was writing about the current work in progress which had been labouring under the title ‘The Explorers Club’. Good News: I’ve decided that ‘The Explorer’s Club’ is a rubbish title and I’ve gone with something far more appropriate for the horror genre. Good News: I’ve completed the first draft and now, … Continue reading Work In Progress: some good news

Reviewers Wanted

Please let me know if you’re able to help. I’m always keen to hear from book reviewers, whether you write for a blog, print media, or simply publish reviews on Goodreads or on Amazon. Unearthed has already received a couple of glowing reviews (although Amazon removed one because… Amazon). However, I’m always eager to let … Continue reading Reviewers Wanted

Happy New Year

There hasn’t been a year like it. From global pandemics through to political divisiveness, it’s been a calamity, wrapped up in a catastrophe making most of us think a zombie apocalypse might have been less challenging. To all those who’ve lost loved ones to the horrible illness that’s plagued the planet, I’d like to offer … Continue reading Happy New Year


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