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S J Dawson

S J Dawson says: “I wrote Rainbow Dust originally in 1996 and decided as unicorns are now all the rage I would try and get it published. I went through an independent publisher, Purple Parrot Publishing and in July 2019 Rainbow Dust officially went on sale. I have lots of other children’s books I’m working … Continue reading S J Dawson

The Ash & Col Podcast

It seems mean-spirited to describe a short story as a steaming sack of garbage. And yet, here we are, having read Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s tedious and lacklustre: ‘An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street’. This is not the worst story I’ve read. I’m fairly sure that honour goes to the impenetrable and … Continue reading The Ash & Col Podcast

Colin Davies

In his own words: Poetry, scripts, and stories have always been important to me. My mother read to me the adventures of the Secret Seven and Alice in Wonderland and My father bought me my first poetry book, Silly Verses for Kids by Spike Milligan. The first script I read was Quatermass and the Pit … Continue reading Colin Davies

5 x 5 Writing Tips: Character

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of character in fiction. This sounds like a trite statement but when you consider that there are people who genuinely believe Sherlock Holmes lived or that our opinion of Richard III has been shaped by Shakespeare’s play of that name, you begin to understand that fictional characters can sometimes … Continue reading 5 x 5 Writing Tips: Character

The Ash & Col Podcast: Calling Card

This week we’ve been looking at a fairly contemporary piece by the British writing legend that is Ramsey Campbell. Please note that Col is curating a list of these stories so you can find examples of them being read on YouTube, and this one is well worth listening to.

New Beginnings

This post is scheduled to go live on Monday morning, when the UK’s social media will be filled with ‘back to school’ photos of enthusiastic uniform-wearing children smiling in readiness for a return to the classroom. If I can persuade my long-suffering wife to take such a picture of me as I return to the … Continue reading New Beginnings


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