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Book Update

Kurgan is doing so many fun things right now I can’t tell you how much fun it is to work on.  Fearless, as I’ve said before, was an introduction to my interpretation of Innsmouth and some of its mythology. Unearthed introduced readers to some of the staff from the university and Cursed introduced us to … Continue reading Book Update

The Horror Writer’s Notebook

I’ve mentioned Colin Davies before.  He’s a very clever writer and an incredibly thoughtful friend.  Colin has compiled the Horror Writer’s Notebook which is now available on Amazon. I once read advice that said, “Don’t bother collecting your ideas in notebooks. If you forget an idea, then it clearly wasn’t that good in the first … Continue reading The Horror Writer’s Notebook

A Book to Die In

Kurgan is coming soon. This title will be the fourth novella in the series of dark tales from Innsmouth and I’m thrilled with the way it’s developing. I’m revisiting old characters from the first two books and some dark secrets are being exposed in this unhealthy little seaside town. Sad to say, there are going … Continue reading A Book to Die In

News for Horror Writers

I saw this on the D&T Publishing LLC FaceBook page and, with permission from Dawn, I’m sharing it here because it might be of interest, value or use to some of those who occasionally visit here. “It’s Indie April, and in honour of that, D&T will be celebrating in a very unique way. We will … Continue reading News for Horror Writers

Question for the Author

What do you hope readers will take away from your writing? I’ve always thought that reading should be a participatory event. When I sit down to read a romance, I want to be romanced. When I sit down to read a thriller, I want to be thrilled. If genre labels are good for anything (and … Continue reading Question for the Author

Monday Update

This is how book four in the dark tales from Innsmouth is going to begin. I’m hoping to have it ready for a June release. The Thurston lecture hall lights dimmed.  An audience of students, scholars and interested layfolk filled the tiered seats. The murmur of their expectant chatter susurrated from the ceiling and walls. … Continue reading Monday Update

Questions for the Author

What do you do when you’re not writing? This is a question that made me sit down and think. What the hell do I do when I’m not writing? I suppose I do some lecturing (as well as classroom prep and marking) but I’m not so sure that counts. Because I teach creative writing and … Continue reading Questions for the Author

Book Update

My late father often used the expression ‘running around like a blue-arsed fly’ to suggest frenetic activity. To me the sentiment always suggested a bluebottle hurtling from one side of a room to the other, bashing into windows and walls, and constantly buzzing with caffeinated rage, or whatever it is that fuels flies. It was … Continue reading Book Update

Something for the Weekend

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best things about being a writer is being able to chat with other writers in a professional fashion. Simon Bestwick was introduced to me by a mutual friend and I have to admit I’m delighted to have made his acquaintance.  Not only has Simon been good enough to … Continue reading Something for the Weekend


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