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Joseph Sale

Joseph Sale writes dark fantasy and epic poetry. He has authored more than ten novels, including his love-letter to heavy metal and portal-fantasy, Dark Hilarity. He grew up in the Lovecraftian seaside town of Bournemouth. His short fiction has appeared in Tales from the Shadow Booth, edited by Dan Coxon, as well as in Idle…

5 X 5 Writing Tips: Plotting

It’s a fine line between point 4 and point 5, but it’s worth keeping it in mind if you want your longer-form project to be a success from its inception to its completion.

Horror Convention

This week, I spent all Saturday at the Comic Con World Horror convention in Blackpool. I was sharing a table with the superb writer, artist and all round genius: Colin Davies. We had a wonderful day chatting with each other and some of the hundreds of horror aficionados who visited the convention. I have to say, by…

Dani Brown

Extremist author Dani Brown’s style of dark and twisted writing and deeply disturbing stories has amassed a worrying sized cult following featuring horrifying tales such as “56 Seconds”, “Becoming” and the hugely popular “Ketamine Addicted Pandas”. Merging eroticism with horror, torture and other areas that most authors wouldn’t dare, each of Dani’s titles will crawl…

Ash Ericmore

This week on the Bleeding Keyboard, I spoke with the very talented Ash Ericmore. Ash Ericmore is a British horror author. He resides in the south, in the Garden of England. He writes horror that is sometimes fantastical, sometimes grounded, but always deeply graphic, and black with humour. You can contact him through or…

Aron Beauregard

In this episode of the Bleeding Keyboard, Ashley Lister talks with award-winning author Aron Beauregard. Aron Beauregard was born and raised in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He’s been writing horror since the 6th grade and has now released over 15 books. An avid supporter of horror art and illustration, Aron has made it his standard…

5 x 5 Writing Tips: Description

Description is the key factor that lets your reader understand the world you’re building for them. Consequently it needs to be sufficiently detailed without being laboriously overwritten.  Consequently, the first tip here is:

The Ash & Col Podcast: The Boogeyman

This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite Stephen King short stories. The pace, the content, the structure – everything about it strikes me as another piece of perfection built on another piece of

Tuesday Book Review: Dead Men Can’t Complain

I adore short stories.  My PhD involve my reading many short stories. I try to write chapters of novels as though they’re complete short stories. And I regularly record a podcast with my pal Colin Davies where we look at classic pieces of short fiction. Which is probably why I found this collection so engaging.…


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