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What Were they Thinking?

I didn’t get round to sharing this link on here when it was first recorded. Col and I had the ‘pleasure’ of discussing The Castle of Otranto with the incredible author Violet Fenn. I’ve used speech marks around the word ‘pleasure’ not because I don’t enjoy chatting with Violet (she’s awesome) but the choice of … Continue reading What Were they Thinking?

Monday Morning Update

These last three months have been a whirlwind of research and writing.  In an attempt at authenticity and accuracy, I’ve learned more about serial killers than I thought it was possible for someone to know without actually being a serial killer. To some extent this has been a disturbing journey because some of these individuals … Continue reading Monday Morning Update

What Were They Thinking?

This is a link to the podcast Col and I recorded late last year where we chatted about Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. This is probably one of the most entertaining classic books I’ve read in a long time and it was well worth reacquainting myself with the original text.

News From Innsmouth

Just a helpful reminder that all of the stories from Innsmouth are available on Kindle Unlimited. The books are receiving some rave reviews and I believe they’re well worth checking out. This is a link to the series on Amazon: Innsmouth.

Monday Update

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’m currently writing a book about serial killers and psychics.  Conversations with Dead Serial Killers is now available for pre-order and should be released on Valentine’s Day. For my own amusement I’ve been having some fun with this and taking genuine quotes from some of these sick and twisted murderers … Continue reading Monday Update

Book Update

Conversations with Serial Killers I’ve done very little writing this week. Here’s a picture of my dog.


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