Knot #4 – The Devaio Twist

Asymmetrical knots get a bad press. Most people like the precision of something that’s balanced on either side but this one is a little different.

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Obviously this one would have been easier to see if I hadn’t been wearing a gaudy coloured stripey rainbow tie. However, there are some days when you need to wear something that doesn’t just catch the eye: it poles it with a metaphorical stick.

Knot #9 – The Van Wijk

This is an unusual knot, certainly compared to the others that have made it into my top 15. The Van Wijk has a loose spiral around the core of the knot, and it uses up a surprising amount of length.
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Whilst I’ll honestly admit it’s not one of my favourites, it does stand out from the others as something very different: which is enough to make it deserving of its #9 spot on this list.

Knot #10 – The Tulip Knot

This is the start of week two of the countdown of my favourite fifteen necktie knots. If anyone is thinking this reads like a boring version of Sheldon Cooper’s ‘Fun with Flags’ show, you’re not alone.
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This is the tulip knot and it does have a pleasant similarity to the flower, perhaps a little more than the rosebud knot which we looked at last week. This one is fun to construct because a lot of the finishing comes in shaping the ‘petals’ of the tulip to get a finished look.