A Taste of Passion – coming soon

I’m thrilled to announce that this is the cover for A Taste of Passion: the first in a trilogy of erotic romances I’m writing for HarperCollins.

This is the blurb: When baking entrepreneur Trudy Cole falls for celebrity chef Bill Hart, all is far from sweetness and light. Instead passion, betrayal and ambition makes for an explosive mix in the high stakes game of gourmet dining.

Trudy Cole is an aspiring chef with ambitions to own her own patisserie. When she encounters celebrity chef Bill Hart she finds the older man antagonistic but disconcertingly attractive. Sexual chemistry soon boils to an unbearable temperature and they become lovers.

But Trudy’s affair and ambitions for her own business become too hot to handle when she discovers that Bill has a wife. To make matters worse, her business partner and ardent admirer, Donny, threatens to destroy her patisserie and Bill Hart’s reputation.

At a stately home where Trudy wants to woo investors with her culinary masterpieces, the paths of all three players cross again and the heat is turned up to a much higher setting…
For those of you who haven’t yet read any of my fiction, copies of Beyond Temptation and Dragon Desire (written under the pseudonym Lisette Ashton) are currently available as free Kindle downloads from amazon.co.uk. If you get a chance to look at either of them I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Hello Again

  After a brief hiatus, I figured it was time for me to start blogging again. I’ve had a busy couple of months and, with no sign of a let up in the workload, I figured I needed to start blogging now or I’d never get round to it again.

April and the beginning of May have proved to be busy months. Aside from a ridiculous amount of marking I managed to complete the first in a trilogy of novels, Sweet Temptation: A Taste of Passion, and I’ve organised the first draft of the R1 for my PhD. I also managed to craft a short story that was a lot of fun to work on.

 No doubt I’ll be mentioning all of this in more detail over the forthcoming weeks.

 But, for this first post, I figured I’d refer to a review that Alison Tyler and Cleis Press kindly shared yesterday. It’s a review from the astute people at Peep’s Scoop, and mentions my short story, ‘Syzygy’ in Tyler’s superb new collection, Never Say Never. http://peepscoop.com/2014/05/09/opening-the-realms-of-possibility-a-review-of-never-say-never-from-cleis-press/

 Enjoy the review. And if you get a chance, grab a copy of the book and enjoy the content. It’s a sensational collection.