Slave Girls blog tour

This is an extract from a short story written by my alter ego, Lisette Ashton. The title is “Greens’” and it’s a saucy tale of arousal and discipline and satisfaction set in a haberdashery shop.
Green snapped the single word as Sarah placed her fingers on the door handle.
Sarah was a large girl. Monica had always used the word ‘cuddly’ when describing her. Green had overheard this euphemism once. He had laughed nastily and said, “That’s a fuck of a lot of cuddling.”
Monica supposed it was an accurate assessment.
“I have to get home, Mr Green,” Sarah said. “It’s my brother’s birthday and-”
Her voice trailed off as he walked to the shop door.
Absently, he turned the card that said OPEN so that it would have told late customers that Greens’ Haberdashery was CLOSED. He drew the bolt on the door, effectively locking himself and his staff in the shop.
Monica drew a low, heavy breath.
It was going to be one of those evenings. A tremor of raw excitement rippled through the inner muscles of her sex. She could feel her nipples tightening inside her bra. She felt momentarily dizzy at the prospect of what might happen.
I have to admit I enjoy writing BDSM stories. The tropes of the genre are fun and exciting and it’s always a challenge to make the material new and original without disappointing the reader or upsetting the delicate balance of how each character’s satisfaction should be achieved. Setting this one in a haberdashery shop, an environment that is replete with binding fabric, pins, needles and measuring rods, seemed to lend itself to a lot of the disciplinary aspects of BDSM.
There are lots of thrilling tales in this collection.
D L King has managed to collect work from respected writers such as Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sommer Marsden, Alison Tyler, Donna George Storey, Lisabet Sarai and many, many others. If you enjoy your saucy scenes when they’re sexy and submissive, you won’t go far wrong with Slave Girls. 

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Hello Again

  After a brief hiatus, I figured it was time for me to start blogging again. I’ve had a busy couple of months and, with no sign of a let up in the workload, I figured I needed to start blogging now or I’d never get round to it again.

April and the beginning of May have proved to be busy months. Aside from a ridiculous amount of marking I managed to complete the first in a trilogy of novels, Sweet Temptation: A Taste of Passion, and I’ve organised the first draft of the R1 for my PhD. I also managed to craft a short story that was a lot of fun to work on.

 No doubt I’ll be mentioning all of this in more detail over the forthcoming weeks.

 But, for this first post, I figured I’d refer to a review that Alison Tyler and Cleis Press kindly shared yesterday. It’s a review from the astute people at Peep’s Scoop, and mentions my short story, ‘Syzygy’ in Tyler’s superb new collection, Never Say Never.

 Enjoy the review. And if you get a chance, grab a copy of the book and enjoy the content. It’s a sensational collection.