Tuesday Book Review: Compulsions

As some of you may know, I write and perform the occasional piece of poetry. Some people have said that my poetry ‘stretches boundaries’ and ‘pushes the envelope’.  This is the polite way for people to say, “What the hell was that, Ash?”

I don’t mind this reaction. I write poetry to get a response and this incredulity and outrage are the responses I seek.

Donna A Latham clearly understands the audience for her poetry because, in Compulsions, she has created some astute pieces of writing that manage to combine the warm anticipation of the erotic with the cold dread of horror. Her economical use of words allows the tension to build perfectly and, as readers, we don’t know if the conclusion is going to be what we most desire or what we most fear. These poems are intelligent, unsettling and beautifully composed.  Well worth investigating.

Tuesday Book Review: Sean Hawker

Full disclosure here: Sean Hawker is a FaceBook friend.  We’re both horror authors. We visit a couple of the same groups on FaceBook and he’s one of those friends with whom I share memes.

Most memes that I find funny I will share on my FaceBook feed.  I’m not particularly worried that people will find my sense of humour outrageous, offensive or warped, so I’ll share some dark and disgusting things. However, occasionally, I’ll come across memes that are excruciatingly offensive and those are often the ones that make me laugh the loudest and I know, if I were to share them on FaceBook, I’d end up in FaceBook jail and probably be an unemployed pariah. 

All too often, Sean is the person who has sent me those memes.

Which is why, reading Sean’s work is exactly like looking at those sick and twisted memes: you know you shouldn’t be enjoying it – but it’s just too clever a concatenation of concepts not to be impressive.

I read Adult Babies back-to-back with Brutal Bigfoot R*pefest and came away from both feeling delightfully soiled and convinced I’m in the presence of a genuine artist.  Sean’s strength is that he can take the most taboo topic and include it in a narrative that is well-paced, eloquently descriptive and wholly original.

In short, if you’re still wondering what’s in the content of those sick and twisted memes, you need to read Sean Hawker.

And, to find out more about Sean’s work, click on either of the images on this post to go directly to his sales page on Godless.

Tuesday Book Review: Bishop

Bishop was my first novel from Candace Nola but it won’t be my last.  From the opening of the story we’re introduced to the icy cold of Northern Alaska and inserted into an eloquent piece of writing that takes us into a wonderfully well-wound plot.

There’s a theory on plot that says there are seven types of conflict in fiction, and it includes Character Vs Character, Character Vs Technology and Character Vs God.  In Bishop we’re introduced to Character Vs Nature and Character Vs the Supernatural and, in Candace Nola’s hands I don’t know which is more terrifying. 

I read this story in a single day and every second of it was thrilling. I can’t wait to read more from this remarkable lady of horror.

Rosie Garland

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The Night Brother – historical novel https://harpercollins.co.uk/products/the-night-brother-rosie-garland?variant=32546259796046

Vixen – historical novel https://harpercollins.co.uk/products/vixen-rosie-garland?variant=32555556896846

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Jonathan Butcher

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Mitzi Szereto

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Sins of the Fathers

My next novel now has a title, a cover and a release date. 

This is the blurb:

Five strangers gather to learn about a curse that has plagued their families for a century. It’s a curse that results in impalement, disembowelment, decapitation, and crucifixion. And tonight there’s a chance for those strangers to stop the curse forever. They’re going to learn a decade’s worth of history, discover some terrible secrets, and be faced with a horrific choice as they try to make recompense for the sins of the fathers.

“All four of you could potentially die this evening,” Hadley explained. He spoke without any suggestion of melodrama or exaggeration. His tone was cool, calm, crisp and composed. “We’re all recipients of a curse that’s been burdening our families for more than the past hundred years. Tonight is Friday the thirteenth. The five of us are gathered together under the same roof which means, according to my research, the conditions are perfect for fate to deal with us in the cruellest and most violent ways imaginable.”

You can pre-order your copy of Sins of the Father using the following link. http://mybook.to/SinsOfTheFathers