New Beginnings

This post is scheduled to go live on Monday morning, when the UK’s social media will be filled with ‘back to school’ photos of enthusiastic uniform-wearing children smiling in readiness for a return to the classroom. If I can persuade my long-suffering wife to take such a picture of me as I return to the lecture theatre, I shall share that here.

For me, back on campus, I’m going to be reading poetry this evening, trying to find time to get some more words down on the latest Work In Progress, and hopefully find time to catch up on my current research which is shifting somewhere between the supernatural and the alien.

And, finally for this week’s update, I thought I would share a poem I wrote. A dear friend of mine was recently fitted with a Stoma. They asked me to write a poem about Stoma bags to commemorate this event, and this is what I produced.

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