Tuesday Book Review: Soup

Back Cover Blurb

Ashley McCormack was brutally abused as a child, but she’s found a way to thrive as the sadistic Assistant Coroner at the City of Changusay morgue. Convicts from a nearby maximum security prison get shanked on a regular basis, and Ashley loves to play with their remains, picturing her estranged father with every slice of her scalpel. When the morgue is updated with the newest in “environmentally friendly” human disposal systems, the Alkaline Hydrolysis HT500, a fellow member of her dark web death group makes an offer she can’t refuse. No really, she can’t.

One of the great things about reading Indie Horror is that you find yourself experiencing new writers who aren’t bound by the strictures of mainstream norms.  Kate DeJonge is one such writer who can tell an effective story but isn’t contained by the boundaries of what’s expected or what’s been done before.

In this story we’re introduced to Ashley McCormack and given her backstory which shows, she wasn’t subjected to the best parenting in the world – but she’s found ways of coping with that setback. Innovative ways. We also find she’s immersed in her work as a morgue attendant. 

One of the things that stood out for me whilst reading this story was DeJonge’s understanding of funerary practices and the minutiae of life working at a mortuary – this level of realism added a whole new world of verisimilitude that added to the horror I was reading. 

If you enjoy your horror dark and your fiction well-written, this is the next title you need to enjoy.

Soup by Kate DeJonge

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