Listen for Free

Those who enjoy Indie Horror will already be aware of Godless.  It’s the go-to site for all things Indie Horror and I’m delighted to have a couple of novels on there, as well as a free short audio story.  Some of you may have already read The Damned Box but, if you like listening to authors read their work, it’s now available as a free download.

This has been a ridiculously busy week.  I’ve been interviewing writers for the Bleeding Keyboard and the first of these went live yesterday from when I’d spoken with the award-winning author Candace Nola.

Aside from chatting with authors, I also celebrated my birthday on the 22nd and recorded the audio version of Conversations with Dead Serial Killers

I’m also overlooking the most important event of my calendar for the last week which was the launch of Seagulls from Hell.  The seagulls officially landed on Monday and the feedback is already making me grin.  Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read and review.  It really is much appreciated.

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