Tuesday Book Review: The Wilderness

The Wilderness by Nat Whiston

Any story that has a quote from Buffy in the acknowledgements is going to immediately capture my interest.  This one, coming from the twisted imagination of Nat Whiston, with cover art by the multi-talented Ash Ericmore, and coming from the esteemed stable of D&T Publishing, deservedly captured my interest and held it like a kidnap victim.

The story introduces us to Miss Olivia Gellar. Olivia has been having housing problems but the council have sorted her out with emergency accommodation. This is far from an ideal situation but it’s a damned sight better than no accommodation. The only problem is (well, it’s not the only problem – but you get what I mean) Olivia can’t recall how she became homeless.  Worse, when she talks with a friend and asks her to explain how it happened, the friend insists that Olivia is better off not knowing.

The Wilderness is a tense and well-crafted story that delves into a brutal world of abuse. Nat Whiston writes with tight efficiency that shows a serious understanding of what readers want, and she teases us with it like a seasoned professional.

Well worth the read. 

5/5 Stars The Kindle version is available through this link and the Paperback will be available on Amazon on the 28th.

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