The Autumn Schedule


This is Dee. She’s a pedigree Chihuahua and, in this picture, she looks worried and nervous. That’s because she’s just seen my schedule for blogging in Autumn and she thinks it’s going to be a lot.

She’s not wrong. It’s going to be a packed schedule, so hold onto your hats and I’ll explain what I’m planning to do.

Monday – this will be a book update. It will either be information about the current title I’m working on or I might share favourable reviews of something that’s already been published. Tomorrow sees the release of Seagulls from hell, so that’s likely what we’ll be talking about.

Tuesday – book review.

Wednesday – I’ll share an update on the Ash & Col podcast.

Thursday – 5 x 5 Writing Tips.

Friday – The return of the Bleeding Keyboard.

On Saturday I’ll be sending out my usual newsletter and Sunday will hopefully prove to be my day of rest. So, although I can understand Dee’s anxiety, I don’t think this will prove too much and I hope the content proves sufficient for you, regular reader.

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