A question for the readers

As I may have mentioned on various social media platforms, I had a lot of fun recording Seagulls from Hell. It’s currently being uploaded to Amazon’s Audible and should be available soon. If you want to hear how it sounds, this is the opening of the first chapter:

I have to admit I’m a huge consumer of audiobooks. I can listen to them whilst I’m travelling. I can listen to them whilst I’m at the gym. I can listen to them whilst I’m doing gardening or chores around the house. Because of this love for audiobooks, I’m now committed to transforming as many of my existing titles into this media as is humanly possible.

Which leads me to the question I have for you guys: which should I be recording next?

I’ve narrowed it down to a choice between two titles as the focus for my next recording project, and I’m hoping you, dear reader, can help me come to a decision. I’ve put samples of each one below and I’m hoping you can take a moment to listen to them both and then, by using the poll option at the bottom of the page, tell me which you’d prefer to hear as a full length audiobook.

Conversations with Dead Serial Killers

“A clown can get away with murder.”
John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown.

Derek Turner makes his living as a psychic. But, when he makes his first genuine contact with the spirit world, it is an encounter that starts him on a pathway to holding conversations with dead serial killers.

Someone is recreating the most infamous crimes of the world’s sickest serial killers: including Jack the Ripper, BTK, Charles Albright and Ed Gein. Derek learns that it’s within his power to either profit from this situation or bring it to a needed conclusion and prevent further unnecessary deaths.

But profit can be a compelling argument.

Blending the reports from true crime stories with the lies from a professional psychic, Conversations with Dead Serial Killers explores the danger and obscenity that comes from glamourising murderers.

PayBack Week

At the end of each summer season, the staff at the Fun Park enjoy a private ritual called Payback Week. Every customer who ever upset them, every boss who ever crossed their path, every person responsible for a grievance becomes eligible for payback. This year, Payback Week will be special because there’s a homicidal killer clown with a meat cleaver patrolling the Fun Park and a lot of debts have come due.

Your input is extremely valuable to me and i appreciate you taking the time to listen and respond. I’m hoping to make a start on recording one of these in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be closing the survey by August 22nd.

2 thoughts on “A question for the readers

  1. To be fair I’ve only read Conversations, but think an audio version, read by yourself and stressing the salient points as only you can do would be great.


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