Tuesday Book Review: Sean Hawker

Full disclosure here: Sean Hawker is a FaceBook friend.  We’re both horror authors. We visit a couple of the same groups on FaceBook and he’s one of those friends with whom I share memes.

Most memes that I find funny I will share on my FaceBook feed.  I’m not particularly worried that people will find my sense of humour outrageous, offensive or warped, so I’ll share some dark and disgusting things. However, occasionally, I’ll come across memes that are excruciatingly offensive and those are often the ones that make me laugh the loudest and I know, if I were to share them on FaceBook, I’d end up in FaceBook jail and probably be an unemployed pariah. 

All too often, Sean is the person who has sent me those memes.

Which is why, reading Sean’s work is exactly like looking at those sick and twisted memes: you know you shouldn’t be enjoying it – but it’s just too clever a concatenation of concepts not to be impressive.

I read Adult Babies back-to-back with Brutal Bigfoot R*pefest and came away from both feeling delightfully soiled and convinced I’m in the presence of a genuine artist.  Sean’s strength is that he can take the most taboo topic and include it in a narrative that is well-paced, eloquently descriptive and wholly original.

In short, if you’re still wondering what’s in the content of those sick and twisted memes, you need to read Sean Hawker.

And, to find out more about Sean’s work, click on either of the images on this post to go directly to his sales page on Godless.

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