Sins of the Fathers

My next novel now has a title, a cover and a release date. 

This is the blurb:

Five strangers gather to learn about a curse that has plagued their families for a century. It’s a curse that results in impalement, disembowelment, decapitation, and crucifixion. And tonight there’s a chance for those strangers to stop the curse forever. They’re going to learn a decade’s worth of history, discover some terrible secrets, and be faced with a horrific choice as they try to make recompense for the sins of the fathers.

“All four of you could potentially die this evening,” Hadley explained. He spoke without any suggestion of melodrama or exaggeration. His tone was cool, calm, crisp and composed. “We’re all recipients of a curse that’s been burdening our families for more than the past hundred years. Tonight is Friday the thirteenth. The five of us are gathered together under the same roof which means, according to my research, the conditions are perfect for fate to deal with us in the cruellest and most violent ways imaginable.”

You can pre-order your copy of Sins of the Father using the following link.

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