Book Review: Musings of a Sadist

This is what the blurb on Amazon says:

David Longbottom is young, handsome and filthy rich.

He’s also a psychopath.

Musings of a Sadist is a collection of stories about his fantastical, privileged and bloodied existence and includes a never before published bonus story ‘Hot Shots’.

Take a journey into this spoilt Australian’s mind. He’s been dying to ‘meat’ you.

In Musings of a Sadist, Ryder Kinlay introduces readers to the remarkable character of David Longbottom.  Firstly, I need to say that Kinlay writes in such an easy-going fashion it’s like having an Australian friend whisper the story lovingly into your ear. This is a personable narrator telling a story that, in the hands of any other narrator, could likely be unpalatable.

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David Longbottom is a flawed human being. Admittedly, he loves his mummy, but everyone and everything else in the world is there only to serve the needs of his sadistic desires. Musings of a Sadist is beautifully written and shows us the world through the eyes of a terrible human being, turning cruelty and ugliness into something genuinely beautiful.  If you have a stomach for horrific and an appetite for cruelty, you’ll be in damned good company with David Longbottom and Ryder Kinlay.

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