Countdown to Escape: Day #5

Escape: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth, is due to be released tomorrow, on August 22nd. This is a story that began with Fearless: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth, and then continued in Unearthed: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth then Cursed: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth, and most recently, Kurgan: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth.

I thought, today, it would be fun to remember some of the kind things reviewers have said about these titles so far.

Please remember, there’s still time to pre-order your copy of Escape: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth.

Honestly, my only critique is that this should be a full novel. Having it as a novella is great and it helps keep the pace up, but I would love to see it expanded more and developed even more. I would say that pace is good and makes for a fun read, but, with such interesting plots and characters, there is nothing wrong with slowing down from time to time to really explore and expand them.

Grimm Deathwish

I read Ashley Lister’s Fearless: a dark tale from Innsmouth in one sitting. Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed such amazing dialogue in a story. It’s clever and dark and had me laughing and exclaiming out loud, much to my husband’s dismay. The characters and their interactions are absolutely brilliant.

Lisa Lee

In a rare quiet moment I picked up this book [Cursed: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth] and devoured it. The story and the characters are deliciously dark and the end (which came far too soon!) left an unpleasant aftertaste – which is only ever a good thing when we’re talking horror novels.
I very much enjoyed getting lost in Innsmouth. So much so – I’ve bought the entire series.

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