Monday Update

I’ve almost hit the 10K mark for Dagon, which will be the final story in the dark tales from Innsmouth. Writing a series of novellas is new for me and the whole experience has been liberating. I know the story I’m wanting to tell and publishing independently, and at my own schedule, has allowed me to tell the story how I want to tell it. 

Now, I could talk about how all six covers look side by side for this series (they look gorgeous) but I’m aware that book five hasn’t officially released yet, so I’d like to mention that first.

If you’ve already pre-ordered a copy of Escape, thank you. If you haven’t, you can pre-order a Kindle copy on Amazon for the bargain prize of £1.99.  The story is genuinely heating up now and I’d love to see it reaching the broadest audience possible on publication day.

I’ve also been thinking about what I’ll be writing once I’ve moved out of Innsmouth. There’s a picture below to give you an idea of where my thoughts are going.

Seagull hell: couple 'can't sleep, or sit in their garden' due to noisy  birds - Gloucestershire Live

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