Monday Update

As usual, there are lots of things going on.  The audiobook version of Raven and Skull is now available.  If this is something you’ve fancied listening to, you can get a copy via this link.  I gave away a free copy yesterday, to the lucky winner of my draw, and I’m hoping that listeners have as much fun with it as I had recording it.

On the subject of audiobooks, I expect Kurgan: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth, to be available for download in the next few days.  I’ll share a link as soon as it’s available.

I’m also very excited that Escape: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth is available for pre-order, ready for the August 22nd release date. Escape is the fifth in the series of Dark Tales from Innsmouth and it’s moving us toward the conclusion of the overarching story which will finish with Dagon: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth.  I’ve started working on the outline for Dagon, which I’m hoping to have ready for Halloween.

I‘m also hoping to get a couple of paperback copies of Escape that I can send to readers who like copies of books that they can hold in their hands. Please let me know if you’d be interested in such a giveaway at

And finally, because I wanted to make this blog post prettier than just text and hyperlinks, here’s a picture of me and my dog.

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