The Fearless Reviews

By Ashley Lister

I’m indebted to all the kind folks who have taken time out to review Fearless: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth.  I know book reviews probably seem unimportant to most people but to authors, it’s rewarding to know that what you’ve written is working for a reader.  Yes, there’s also an Amazon algorithm that means, the more reviews a title receives, the more Amazon suggest the book to targeted readers. But, for me, it’s the satisfaction of knowing that what I’ve written has worked for its intended audience.  Thank you to everyone who’s written a review, and thank you to everyone who’s thinking of writing a review.  You guys are awesome.

Honestly, my only critique is that this should be a full novel. Having it as a novella is great and it helps keep the pace up, but I would love to see it expanded more and developed even more. I would say that pace is good and makes for a fun read, but, with such interesting plots and characters, there is nothing wrong with slowing down from time to time to really explore and expand them.

Grimm Deathwish

I read Ashley Lister’s Fearless: a dark tale from Innsmouth in one sitting. Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed such amazing dialogue in a story. It’s clever and dark and had me laughing and exclaiming out loud, much to my husband’s dismay. The characters and their interactions are absolutely brilliant.

Lisa Lee

Mileage may vary on this one, but if you’re looking for a fast, single sitting tension-filled novella, this will tick all of those boxes.

Steve Stred

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