Are you ready to ESCAPE?

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned several features about the next story to come from Innsmouth. It’s going to be titled ESCAPE. The cover is gorgeous (thank you Colin). I suspect this one might be a little longer than its predecessors. And I’m getting to write about some of the characters I’ve enjoyed writing about before.

Detective Inspector Gerard ‘call-me-Gez’ Thompson is leading the investigation into the incident that has occurred at Innsmouth. Regular readers will recognise Gez from Fearless and Unearthed. Gez’s partner, Dr Ellie Green, who has appeared in Fearless and Kurgan, is already playing a central role, as is Dr Anjali Hill, from Unearthed and Kurgan. There are other familiar faces in this story too, but I want to leave them as surprises for you guys when you’re reading the completed work.

This will be the most exciting trip to Innsmouth in the series and I hope everyone is looking forward to the ride as much as I am.


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