Fearless, Unearthed and Cursed

Dark things are afoot in Innsmouth. There are ghosts. There are cults. The dead are being summoned from their graves and the living are divided into those who suffer from this chaos, and those who encourage it.

Each of these novellas can be read as a standalone title telling a complete story. Together, they’re contributing to a much larger narrative that’s only intended for the bravest souls.

Kurgan, the latest title in this series is now available for pre-order.

An excavation at a newly discovered kurgan, an ancient burial site, in Innsmouth uncovers some disturbing surprises. A senior archaeologist dies. A nefarious cult take advantage of the discoveries to further their own cause. And before long, a team from Innsmouth are travelling halfway around the world to find the relationship between their excavation and a long dead secret that yearns to rise from its grave.

Pre-Order your copy today to learn what happens as soon as the the title is released.

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