Dark Tales from Innsmouth

Dark things are afoot in Innsmouth. There are ghosts. There are cults. The dead are being summoned from their graves and the living are divided into those who suffer from this chaos, and those who encourage it. Each of these novellas can be read as a standalone title telling a complete story. Together, they’re contributing to a much larger narrative that’s only intended for the bravest souls.

This series has been a wonderful learning curve for me. The fourth book, Kurgan, is due to be released on June 1st and I’m confident there will be another two stories after that to complete this particular series.  Not only am I very pleased with the stories (and I’m working hard to make sure they will all be available as audiobooks) but I’m delighted with the responses and reviews they’ve been receiving.

As Steve Stred says when discussing Cursed, “Lister does a great job here of creating characters that really get under your skin. You want to see what happens, but at the same time, you’ve got no problem when a character meets a horrendous fate.” Discussing the same book, Reviewer Elaine Ridgway said, “I bought this book after a reading of the prologue. A wonderfully written book of short horror stories with plenty of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. I’m now going to buy the other books in this series.”

Discussing Unearthed, Steve Rogerson says on Amazon: “Yet again another quality short story from the Master tale teller.”

Fearless, reviewed by Lisa Lee on Amazon, says: “Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed such amazing dialogue in a story. It’s clever and dark and had me laughing and exclaiming out loud, much to my husband’s dismay. The characters and their interactions are absolutely brilliant.”

Fearless, the first of this series, is available on Kindle for a mere 99p in the UK and I’ll be keeping it at that price for the foreseeable future.

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