Question for the Author

Which one of your books would you recommend to someone who is new to your writing?

I love this question and hate it in equal measures.  I love it because it gives me a chance to boast about my writing and share links to the Amazon pages where readers can find my works.  I hate it because I’m not able to whittle the answer down to a single title. Instead, I have to mention FOUR separate books.

If you’re wanting to meet Ashley Lister ‘the horror writer’, I’d urge you to look at Blackstone Towers.  It’s a fun novel that balances the supernatural, lots of gore and some pretty grisly deaths.  I loved writing this book and it has some very positive reviews on Amazon and in other places.

If you’re wanting to meet Ashley Lister ‘the creative writing lecturer’ I’d urge you to check out How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published. This is a comprehensive guide to writing short stories with content that comes from fifteen years’ teaching experience, twenty five years’ experience as a published author, and all the research I put into my PhD on the relationship between plot and genre in short fiction. If you do have goals to write and publish short fiction, I know this has worked from the emails I’ve received from some very happy readers.

If you wanted to meet Ashley Lister ‘gatekeeper to Innsmouth’, I’d have to say that Fearless is the place to start.  This ever-expanding collection of novellas takes place in the fictional location of Innsmouth and Fearless is a useful doorway to get a grip on what’s happening there.

And, if you wanted to meet Ashley Lister ‘the poet’ I would ask you to check out Old People Sex and Other Highly Offensive Poems. This is a collection of bawdy and outrageous verse that is designed to entertain and offend in equal measures.  It’s not for the fainthearted but, if you’re reading these pages, I suspect you have the guts to brave this collection.

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