Quite a Few Hard Ones

Perhaps I could have chosen a less salacious title for this post but, after hosting the Inappropriate Pub Quiz on Saturday 24th April, it now seems like second nature to lapse into the discourse of the double entendre.

The Inappropriate Quiz was my contribution to the Pub Poets online quiz nights. I wanted to do something inappropriate because I figure life is too short to be dull and boring. I also wanted to do something memorable because the Pub Poets are my extended family and I love associating with such clever wordsmiths.

To give you an idea of the content for the Inappropriate Quiz, it might be worth noting that this was the first question.

The answer to this one is FOUR because, whilst The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (the first volume of collected short stories) contains a total of SEVEN ejaculations, only FOUR of them are Dr Watson using ‘ejaculated’ as a speech tag to describe his own exclamations. The other three ejaculations refer to the mode of speech for other characters in the stories.

Some of the questions were easy for everyone:

Some of them had pictures that were completely unrelated to the question being asked:

Whilst others were simply inappropriate:

I had no idea pub quizzes could be so much fun and I’m genuinely looking forward to working on the follow-up which will be entitled ‘The Extremely Inappropriate Quiz’.  Let me know if you want an invite for when that one occurs.

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