News for Horror Writers

I saw this on the D&T Publishing LLC FaceBook page and, with permission from Dawn, I’m sharing it here because it might be of interest, value or use to some of those who occasionally visit here.

“It’s Indie April, and in honour of that, D&T will be celebrating in a very unique way. We will be doing this every year in April, going forward.


If you have NEVER been published (including self published), we want to publish your book! That’s right! You will receive a standard contract from D&T, for one book only. No cost to you!

One catch – this is by nomination! The person with the most nominations will be reached out to for your manuscript.


1. Must never have been published, self or traditional.

2. Must be horror.

3. Must be novella or novel length.

4. You can not nominate yourself.

Now’s the time! Do you have friends that have read your book? Have them nominate you! Anyone can nominate you, so get those author friends to send in a nomination!

Nominations close – July 1st

Send nominations to

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