Monday Update

This is how book four in the dark tales from Innsmouth is going to begin. I’m hoping to have it ready for a June release.

The Thurston lecture hall lights dimmed.  An audience of students, scholars and interested layfolk filled the tiered seats. The murmur of their expectant chatter susurrated from the ceiling and walls. Dr Ellie Green thought it was exceptionally busy for a lecture on an investigation into the roots of Proto-Indo-European language, but she was not surprised by the large numbers. Given the upset and notoriety that had plagued the investigation, Ellie had expected this lecture to be packed with ghouls and the macabrely curious. She recognised the faces of a handful of reporters in the auditorium and inwardly cursed each of them.

“This lot are going to eat us alive,” Anjali muttered in a soft whisper.

“We’ve faced worse,” Ellie reminded her.

Anjali pursed her lips, as though biting back a comment. Clearly she felt as though she didn’t need to be reminded about the worse things they had faced, particularly not now when her anxiety was already at insane levels.

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