The Horror Writer’s Notebook

As most of you know, I teach creative writing and one of the first pieces of advice I give in class is for students to arm themselves with a notebook.

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The Horror Writer’s Notebook

Ideas come when you’re least expecting them. Ideas can sometimes be as rare as honest politicians. And, when an idea does come, if you don’t try to capture it immediately, it might take flight and find a home in someone else’s head. When I’m talking about notebooks I tell students to be sure to get a notebook that will be appropriate for them and their needs.

This can be an app on a mobile phone, which has the convenience of being always close to hand. Or it can be a cheap spiral bound reporter’s jotter. Or it can be something fashionable like a moleskine.

Now, there’s another option that can be added to that list: The Horror Writer’s Notebook from Colin Davies and myself.

Every writer needs a notebook to capture the ideas that burst forth in moments of inspiration. And to draw funny doodles and sketches while you are waiting for the inspiration to strike. The notebook and pen are probably the most valuable tool of any writer. Jot down a conversation you overhead in the store, write down the scene you just thought of while waiting in a queue, make a note of that interesting name you just heard shouted out in the coffee shop. This Horror Writer’s Notebook has been created to help those who practice the scribing arts of dark fiction. The lined pages have been designed with grey coloured blood frames. To help inspire the imagination, the bottom right-hand corner of each recto page has a ghoulish prompt from horror authors Colin J Davies and Dr Ashley Lister. Whether you are new to writing or an experienced author, every horror writer should keep a Horror Writer’s Notebook in their bag.

Order your copy today.

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