Something for the Weekend

One of the best things about being a writer (aside from the fame, fortune and groupies) is the friendships you make. Although writing is a relatively private occupation (I didn’t use the word solipsistic because I don’t want to look pretentious) I’m lucky to have some good friends who are great writers.

Consequently, each Friday, I’m going to try and namedrop my BWFs (Best Writer Friends) and share a couple of links to their work.

Blood ink. – The World of Colin
Blood Ink

And I’m starting with Colin Davies. Colin is a good friend and a superb writer. He’s written, published and performed poetry. He’s written scripts and novels and short stories. His writing is original and stylish and his narratives are really well constructed. 

This is his most recent release, Blood Ink, and it’s an exciting collection of horror shorts, each one tied with the conceit of being pitched as an idea to a script editor. The stories shift from the humorous to the horrific and they’re paced with a beautiful eye for detail.

What would you give to be a famous writer? – With her soft Kansas accent and fat Cuban cigar, Ms Nikita is always on the lookout for the next great story. Six writers, some new, others she has worked with for years, all with new stories she wants to hear. Tales of horror and science fiction, if Ms Nikita is happy, she’ll work her magic. All they have to do is sign the contract with Blood Ink.

If you like your horror to have a contemporary feel that lingers into your nightmares, Colin Davies is an author you’ll want to watch.

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