Question for the Author

Will the characters from your latest book appear in any future titles?

Cursed is the third in a series of novellas I’ve been writing under the title ‘a dark tale from Innsmouth’. The first novella, Fearless, introduced readers to my version of Innsmouth university. The main characters in that book were Dr Ellie Green, DCI Gerard ‘call-me-Gez’ Thompson, and Graham (one of the lecturers from the Cognitive Science Unit). Gez has appeared in Unearthed, and is mentioned briefly in Cursed. Gez will likely appear as a thread through each of these stories.

In Unearthed we met lecturers Dennis, Anjali and Sharon, as well as a man named Hargreaves who’s in charge of the Innsmouth branch of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

None of these characters shifted from Unearthed to Cursed, although Ellie, Anjali and Sharon are scheduled to appear in the fourth book of the series.

In Cursed there are a couple of characters that I’d like to bring back in future titles, although I’m not sure if they’re going to appear in book four or book five. I only know, I’m having a lot of fun with this series and I hope readers are enjoying it just as much.

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