Book Update

When people ask, “Where do you get your ideas from?” I’m usually not very helpful with my responses. My typical answers are “I dunno,” and “I had this vague idea,” neither of which is a reaction that lends itself to a clear understanding of how a writer’s mind works.

However, with the current WiP (Work in Progress), I can give you one of the sources of inspiration in picture format.

No description available.

This house is one of those I often pass when walking the dogs. Oswald, my faithful Chorkie, has an irritating habit of walking slowly for most of our peregrination. This meandering gait allows me the opportunity to admire the scenery and contemplate story ideas. And, whilst I was looking at this careworn property, I had an idea to use a similar location as the basis for an important part of a title I’ll release in 2021. This story is currently labouring under the working title of ‘The Explorers Club’ and, once Unearthed has been published, I’m going to share more details about it here.

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