New Covers

I’ve modified the covers of Blackstone Towers, Fearless and Unearthed. I’m not one for modifying covers very often but there’s a reason for these alterations. One of my horror-writing idols, a man who has been described as the UK’s answer to Stephen King, has said some incredibly nice things about me and my writing, and I figured the kind words from him would look good on these covers.

Blackstone Towers



“Incisive, imaginative and a fine storyteller,” Adam Nevill (The Ritual)

The quote comes from Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual, Apartment 16 and (my personal favourite) Banquet of the Damned. Adam’s one of the nicest guys I know in publishing today and I am proud to call him a friend. If you want to find out more about Adam’s writing either check out his latest title, The Wyrd and Other Derelictions, or simply visit his website:

Chances are, if you read horror you already know Adam’s writing and have either read his novels or watched movies, like The Ritual (2017), all of which will give you an idea of his deliciously twisted sense of the macabre.

And if you’re reading this, Adam: thank you for helping me to get my covers to look exactly the way I have always wanted.

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