Go Down Hard by Ali Seay

Today we have a guest post from a good friend and great writer: Ali Seay. Ali has just released Go Down Hard and I was lucky enough to read a copy earlier this year. If you like your crime sexy, violent and intelligent, then you’re going to love everything about Ali Seay and Go Down Hard. Read on to find out more.

Go Down Hard by Ali Seay

What if a victimized woman decided to be a silent guardian angel for other women and turn the tables on predatory men? What if she stumbled into the hunting grounds of a cocky serial killer while looking for her own private murder den? What if a confident killer met his match in the form of a jean-clad, whiskey-swigging stranger in an hour glass-shaped package—and she made him want things—things he’s far too superior to want?

When predator meets predator, the only question is: Is the attraction they feel to bed one another . . . or kill one another?

From the Novel

She poured another drink but only took a sip because it was hitting her. A bit too hard perhaps. She wanted to be on top of things. No fun having fun if you were too shit faced to have fun.

She popped her head in the bathroom. “Hey, Cupcake, you smoke?”

His eyes narrowed despite his palpable fear. He shook his head. Probably best for him that his mouth was taped, because she thought if his mouth was operable he’d have said something he’d have regretted.

She walked in and sat on the toilet lid, legs spread, looking down at him. He was upside down to her but still his fear and anger warred clearly on his face.

“You know…I looked you up. ‘On the line,’ as my former landlady would have said. After you messaged me. You used your whole name. Which is kind of fucking stupid, Cupcake. But you’re proud of who you are, aren’t you? Even though you probably shouldn’t be.”

He was watching her the way campers watch an unexpected black bear approaching camp. Which was wise of him.

“I found not one…not two…but three mentions of rape and assault charges brought against you.”

His wary eyes flared wide. The fear was back.

“And yet, you got away with every one of them. Daddy settling for two, and it seems, I mean…I can only theorize, you or someone close to you, scaring the other poor girl. It all went away, didn’t it?” She kicked his shoulder. Hard.

He grunted, flailed, tried to work his way across the old linoleum floor to get away from her. But there was no getting away from her. He knew it and soon he’d accept it.

She got up slowly, feeling that whiskey. Wishing she had a cigarette. She took a deep breath and squatted next to him. The boning knife was in her belt loop. She pulled it out. Showed it to him.

He started flopping around again like a fish on a dock. He tried to go left, he tried to go right, but the bottom line was Chris the predator could only go a few inches in either direction.

Go Down Hard by Ali Seay

Meg isn’t expecting to catch Jack red-handed with his most recent victim. Jack isn’t expecting Meg to come busting through his front door while chasing her current prey. Now that each recognizes a fellow killer, what urge will win—kiss or kill?

Buy Links:

Available in Kindle and Print on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Go-Down-Hard-Ali-Seay-ebook/dp/B08HR75XFP/

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/go-down-hard-1

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1042205

And in ebook at most other vendors!

What Reviewers are saying…

“…a quick, punchy, and surprisingly brutal novella” -Michael Patrick Hicks

“This book crescendos page by page and I couldn’t get enough.” -Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)

“This book is an absolute blast from start to finish…” -John Lynch

“…a thrilling game of cat and mouse ripe with sexual tension… dark, gritty, witty, and suspenseful…” -Nina The Wandering Reader

“To say I loved this book would be a gross understatement.” -Amanda (spooky.octopus.reads) Turner

“…gripping from beginning to end…” – Matt (TeamRedmon)

“…a grisly game of cat & mouse and a psychotic battle of the sexes.” – Horror Bookworm Reviews

“…one of the more unique horror stories I’ve read over the past few years…” – The Horror Hypothesis

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