Question for the Author

What’s your favourite under-appreciated novel?

Watchers, by Dean Koontz
Watchers by Dean R Koontz

I’m not sure if the novel is so much under-appreciated as ‘often maligned’. Watchers is a novel by Dean R Koontz that introduces us to the character of Einstein, a genetically engineered dog with intelligence comparable to that of a human.

I do enjoy reading Dean R Koontz stories. The man knows how to tell a story and he creates characters and worlds that are irresistible. A novel like Phantoms, which is a huge mystery with a supernatural revelation, is filled with characters you can love and loathe. I think Koontz is one of those authors who gets a lot of criticism from people who’ve never read his work.

Watchers, with its super intelligent dog, is (for me) an irresistible read. I’ve always been a dog lover and I think for many of us, the idea of being able to communicate with our furry friends on an intellectual level is a common personal fantasy. Having that dream illustrated in a well-written fast-paced novel is heaven (for me).

Oswald – probably not super intelligent, but he’s super good-looking and, in the shallow world in which we live, that’s probably a greater super power.

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