Fearless, as I’ve mentioned before, is the first novella in a series of stories set in and around the fictional location of Innsmouth. I’m getting lots of positive responses already from readers and, if you want a copy, this is the link where you can buy yours.

However, if you fancy a signed copy, then please read on. I’ve already sent out one copy so I’ve THREE copies of this novella remaining and I want to send another out this weekend. My intention is to send one out, each Saturday during October this year, from now until Halloween.

This is a brief sample from Chapter One –

A scream hurtled down the corridor toward her.

For an instant she was stopped in time.

She didn’t move.

She didn’t breathe.

She didn’t allow herself to think. There was only the brief expectation that something was about to assault her. She didn’t know what that something might be, or what it might want, but she was confident that the story of her life had just reached its final chapter and it was not going to be a happy ending.

Lights appeared at the far end of the corridor, at the junction where Thurston met Legrasse. A blonde woman came rushing toward her, bare feet slapping on the floor, arms pinwheeling madly. Her makeup was smudged. Her clothes were torn and there was a suggestion of blood dripping on the floor behind her.

“What the…?” Ellie muttered.

Obscene relief rushed over her with a surge so satisfying it was almost sexual. Instead of having to re-evaluate her beliefs about the supernatural, she was only having to deal with a vulnerable young woman who looked like she’d been the victim of a common assault.

Ellie shook her head and silently chastised herself for being so selfish. Distress was etched on the features of the young woman blundering toward her and all she could think about was her own relief at not having to believe in ghosts and ghoulies. Acting with the compassion she felt sure the moment deserved, Ellie rushed to the woman and took hold of her arms.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

The young woman tried to pull away, eager to rush into Thurston along the corridor that Ellie had just walked. “He’s back there,” she insisted. Waves of panic and nervous perspiration were flowing from the woman’s body. “Come on. We have to get away.”

Ellie glanced toward the end of the corridor, squaring her shoulders as she made ready to meet whatever danger was pursuing the woman.

“We have to get away,” the young woman insisted. Her voice was rising in pitch as nerves made their hold known.

“Who’s following you?” Ellie asked. “Who did this to you? What’s going on?”

Before the young woman could respond, a figure appeared at the end of the corridor. He was shirtless, wearing jeans, and his face was purple with outrage. Because she wasn’t used to seeing shirtless men in the corridors of the university campus, it took a moment for Ellie to recognise him. Even when recognition happened, she still needed to hear the blonde’s words before she made the mental connection.

“It’s Professor Walker,” the young woman muttered.

So, how do you go about winning a signed copy of this wonderfully dark novella?

It’s simple. To be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Fearless, all you have to do is share this page. Once you’ve shared it, you’ll need to tag me in it. If you’re sharing it on Twitter tag me with @ashleylister. On FaceBook you’ll find me as ashley.lister. I’ll be checking Instagram and LinkedIn too if you fancy sharing this link there as well.

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