Fearless: Prologue

This is a short video of me reading the prologue from Fearless.

Fearless, as I’ve mentioned before, is the first novella in a series of stories set in and around the fictional location of Innsmouth. I’m getting lots of positive responses already from readers and, if you want a copy, this is the link where you can buy yours.

However, if you fancy a signed copy, then please read on. I’ve got FOUR copies of this novella and I want to send them to FOUR very lucky readers. My intention is to send one out, each Saturday during October this year, from now until Halloween.

This is a brief sample from Chapter One –

Her favourite ghost story of those that supposedly occurred on the campus, was the one that had echoes of the ‘Bloody Mary’ urban legend. According to this tale, and she’d heard it from probably half a dozen undergrads, students were dared to go alone, at midnight, to the corridor approaching Legrasse. Traditionally they were supposed to take a candle and stand facing the doorway to Legrasse Building. Ellie had the idea that this legend came from before the days of motion detectors and automatic lighting because, the students in the story were supposed to stand alone at the entrance to Legrasse and call the name of John Legrasse three times with their candle burning in front of them. After saying his name for the third time, the student was meant to blow the candle out and the spirit of John Legrasse would appear.

Ellie had asked each of the students who recounted this story, “So what happens then?”

Two had said they had no idea. One had honestly admitted that they doubted anything ever happened. But the others had been a little more graphic.

A pair of girls who’d recounted the story in breathy whispers said that Legrasse had appeared. They hadn’t been able to see him, because the lights were out and they’d just extinguished the candle. But the air in the corridor had dropped to hypothermia temperatures and their flesh had prickled with the goose bumps that came from being in the presence of a ghostly spirit. Something as cold as Death’s icy finger had scraped against the backs of their necks. One of the girls had screamed and pushed through the emergency exit and fled to the sanctuary of the car park. The other had rushed out behind her.

The final girl’s story had been even more disquieting.

She had done the same as her friends, walking down the dark corridor with a candle in her hands, and then she’d gone through the ritual of saying Legrasse’s name three times. However, she didn’t have a chance to blow out the candle before some unseen draught snatched the flame from the wick and plunged her into darkness.

The temperature plummeted.

An icy finger touched the nape of her neck and crept downwards.

And it seemed clear that other things had happened.

So, how do you go about winning a signed copy of this wonderfully dark novella?

It’s simple. To be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Fearless, all you have to do is share this page. Once you’ve shared it, you’ll need to tag me in it. If you’re sharing it on Twitter tag me with @ashleylister. On FaceBook you’ll find me as ashley.lister. I’ll be checking Instagram and LinkedIn too if you fancy sharing this link there as well.

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