The Morning After

Yesterday was the book launch for Blackstone Towers. This came after a wonderful week of blog visits and some very intriguing questions which prompted some genuinely compelling responses.

The book launch consisted of the usual fantastic things which were: amazing friends; delicious alcohol; some incredible poetry and music; and a lot of ribald laughter.

It was also a day of book sales. Thanks to the help of so many of you, promoting the book and buying copies, I managed to gain access to the hallowed ranks of bestsellerdom. As birthday presents go, I think this was a pretty awesome one and I’d like to thank everybody for your support.

As a final favour (it won’t be a final favour – I’ll have another book coming out soon and I’ll be haranguing you all again when that happens) I want to ask everyone who has bought and read a copy of Blackstone Towers to leave a review on Amazon. Personally, I think it’s an amazing novel. It’s got zombies, ghosts and magic coins and I want it to get into the hands of as many people as possible. And I know that a large number of reviews can help with this.

Become A Book Reviewer | Book Hub | Reviews Free Books

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped me become a bestselling author. And thanks in advance for the (positive?) reviews.

With love – Ash

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