The Blog Tour

This is the Blog Tour

The Blog Tour for Blackstone Towers officially begins on August 14th. I’ll be mentioning it regularly on FaceBook and Twitter and it should be exciting. I’ve got ideas for interactive stuff and giveaways and there’ll be a launch party on the evening of August 22nd. If you’d like to attend, drop me an email and, closer to the time, I’ll send you a personal invitation.

Day 1: August 14th

Day 2: August 15th

Day 3: August 16th

Day 4: August 17th

Day 5: August 18th

Day 6: August 19th

Day 7: August 20th
Janine Ashbless

Day 8: August 21st

Day 9: August 22nd
Blackstone Towers launch

Day 9 ā€“ evening Live online Launch ā€“ email for an invitation.

Thank you to all the lovely folk who’ve agreed to host me. And I look forward to seeing loads of you throughout the tour.

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