And the Winner is…

By Ashley Lister

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey for my next horror novel’s title. I’d limited the potential title choices to three as I didn’t want to end up with Story McStory-Face. The one that I had thought would have the best chance of succeeding was Tartarus House. That came last.

I’d liked that title because I’d thought it summed up the idea that this book touches on themes of hell and the agonies and perils that await all of us who haven’t lived good clean lives. However, it seems the voting public thought that idea was too pretentious.

The close runner-up was Talismans of the Magi. In a way I’m relieved this one didn’t win as, whilst it’s a good title, it seems a little more YA fantasy/Fern Gully for my writing style. Yes, the talismans of the magi are going to be featured within my novel ( but they’re not supposed to be the key focus.

Which means the winner is: Blackstone Towers. I’m quite pleased this one won. It’s got a menacing feel to it and it’s short and simple and conveys a sense of potential doom. I think those are essential elements of a horror story.

So, thank you to everyone who voted. I’ve never asked readers to vote for a title before and, given that we live in a world of Trump, Johnson and Brexit, I wasn’t sure that relying on a vote would result in a positive outcome. However, you’ve rewarded me with a fantastic decision and I’m looking forward to writing Blackstone Towers and keeping everyone up to date with how it progresses.

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