The Big Book of Submission – blog tour

I’m thrilled to have a story in this collection. Looking through the list of contributors, it reads like a who’s who of friends and colleagues that I respect and admire in the world of erotic fiction writing. Consequently, being a part of the blog tour with these writers, is quite a thrill.

My story in this collection is ‘The Bulldog Breed’, written under my pseudonym Lisette Ashton. It’s a story of arousal, punitive intimacy and office stationery.

I’m proud of this story. There aren’t many stories that come in a single sitting but this was one of those rare pleasures that simply appeared on the page as a complete whole. The idea was inspired by a focus on stationery as I messed around with a bulldog clip and realised the damned thing had bitten my finger.

“Crikey!” I exclaimed. (It might have been something more forthright than that word. My exclamatories can sometimes be very colourful given the right stimulus). I then thought, “I wonder what this would feel like if it bit some other part of my anatomy.”

And, from those ‘what if?’ beginnings, the whole story idea was started. Obviously, the narrative is about more than that single sensory experience. There’s powerplay, passion and punishment. It’s a short story, so I won’t say any more for fear or dropping spoilers. But I will add that the book is a good one.  

There’s some cracking fiction in this collection – sixty nine short and sexy reads: well worth the investment.

I should mention here that I’ve been given the honour of being the last author to blog about on this title as part of the official press release. If you missed the previous entries, you should be able to get to the authors through the following links:

August 1 Lusty Lady
August 2 Clitical
August 3 Robot Lovers Prey on the Lonely (Annabeth Leong)
August 8 Lady Smut
August 9 Kitten Boheme
August 10 Jade A. Waters
August 11 Rose de Fer
August 17 L.C. Spoering
August 20 M Marie
August 21 Corvidae Dreams
August 22 Septimus Reviews
August 23 Malin James
August 24 Inara Serene
August 25 D to the /s
August 26 Bitches n Prose
August 28 Laila Blake
August 30 Quixotic Orchid
August 31 Sex in Words
September 1 Jade Melisande

September 2 Ashley R Lister

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