Did you ever notice – I only mention the good reviews?

Hello again.

For the moment, I think I’ve finally stopped tweaking with the layout of the blog. At the moment I’m quietly pleased with the pale and unintrusive background, the text size and shape, and the overall simplicity of the design.

This means I can now worry about content.

Not that I’ve got much worrying to do at the moment. Yesterday, on FaceBook, I was delighted to have New York editor D L King share a Library Journal review of Slave Girls.

Slave Girls is a collection of short stories that follow a theme of female submission. The book is published by Cleis Press and these pages will feature as part of the forthcoming blog tour for that title.

This is the link to website if the text below is too small to read:


One of the things that made the review for Slave Girls particularly satisfying was that it mentioned the title my alter ego has in that anthology. It’s a good book and a section of the blog tour, complete with sample passages, will be coming to these pages soon.

Watch this space.

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